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About Kris Auwers

Kris Auwers
Composer & Musician

Kris Auwers is a Belgian musician and composer with a remarkable journey in the world of music and theater.

Born with a passion for sound, he started his musical odyssey at the tender age of 14. In 2000, Kris Auwers transitioned into the world of theater, where he discovered a unique talent for enhancing the emotional depth of stage productions through music.

Kris Auwers is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in an impressive array of musical tools, including the guitar, synthesizer, piano, drums, and vocals. His diverse skill set allows him to craft rich and immersive soundscapes that perfectly complement the narratives of the stage. Furthermore, he aspires to expand his horizons as a musical storyteller for film and television.

Kris Auwers' self-made musician's odyssey and innovative compositions continue to charm music and theater enthusiasts alike.

Over the Years

2018 - 2024

Kunstenhuis HETGEVOLG

Collaboration with the Kunstenhuis HETGEVOLG. Composing music and live performance.



Collaboration with the Circumstances (circus and dance performances). Composing music.


Collectief Sans Soucis

Collaboration with the Collectief Sans Soucis, theater production. Composing music.

Kris Auwers
Music composer for theater pieces and live performances.

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